Tuesday, December 2, 2014


I think the biggest hurdle to fitness and a healthy lifestyle is that many people can't seem to find the time to schedule it in their hectic lives. I think this is a travesty. We are so busy checking emails, updating social media accounts, taking care of home, work, pets and family that we don't have time to slow down and check in with our bodies.

For a long time I have been guilty of this. My life was a constant stream of go, go, go and whenever I did have time for myself I would zone out in front of the TV or Ipad with wine or food. I disengaged from my true self and had no time for introspection. As a result, I have been feeling anxious, unhappy and have gained weight over the past year.

But I have decided enough is enough.

I'm work at a newspaper and often times find myself working from morning to night. Last night I had an early night (so I thought) and had plans to make lunch for the next work day and work out. As soon as I got home, something unexpected happened which had me working from home until about 11pm.

I thought, there's no way I can work out now and felt discouraged. But I decided I had enough time to exercise before bed, which would probably help me sleep better after such a long day. And I was right. I felt proud of myself for keeping a commitment. I spend so much time working on pleasing others and doing a good job, I didn't realize I was letting myself down by not taking care of myself.

So that's my advice to you, no matter how hectic it gets, schedule time in the day to eat properly, work out and check in with what's going on with you, before it's too late.


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