Sunday, April 26, 2015

Juicing for health and vitality

I've been on a juicing kick recently.

Two weeks ago I bought a juicer (which was ridiculously overpriced here in The Bahamas, but cheap on Amazon) and have been juicing it up since then. I'm trying to work my way up to a full on juice cleanse, but so far I have been incorporating fresh juices into my diet everyday.

Fresh Green Juice

It makes me feel really good knowing I'm putting wholesome ingredients into my body and I don't feel as full or bloated as I normally do after green smoothies. Since I started juicing again, my reliance on caffeine has plummeted! I've only had coffee two or three times in two weeks and anyone who knows me knows my Starbucks addiction is strong.
My Sunburst Juice
 I've also been craving less junk food and have been satisfied with simple vegan meals since adding fresh juices into my diet. So to anyone out there toying with idea of juicing, go ahead, you'll reap so many rewards of good health!

Mini grocery haul with lots of organic fruits for juicing!

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